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Quality Child Care, Activities and More! Resources for Parents!
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Child Care Openings   Interested in find child care facilities that have current openings?! This is the place for you. Begin your search with the first logical step, find some programs with openings and then verify license numbers, resource and referrals, reviews and referrals provided by the provider or center.
Child Care Blog   The Child Care Professional Blog has everything you could want to know about child care in it. You are a parent, so you are automatically a child care professional! This blog is for you too. Get information about the state of child care in regard to policy making, some fun ideas for activities, some business practices or some fun social media tips. The Substitute Blogger is a guest blog with Parent Posts! If you want to send in a guest post, please submit to childcareinfo@mintuemenu.com.
Checklists for Finding Quality Child Care   Choosing the right place for your precious child to spend time away from you can be quite stressful. Quality child care checklists compiled by professionals in the child care industry might help with this process. This list of checklists just scratches the surface and each of them focus on different parts of choosing your the right care for you and your family.
Seeking Quality Child Care -- Consider These Suggestions from Providers   We asked some providers what advice they do or would give to parents seeking child care. Click here to find out what the professionals in the trenches suggest.
Pell Grants for Single Moms   Single moms can receive pell grants to continue their education. Find out more and how to do it! (This link will take you to another site called Financial Help for Single Mothers)
Hands On Activity Planner   Hands On As We Grow devised a useful (and cute) fill-in-the-blank plan for Moms and Dads to use while deciding what activities they want to do with their children. Decide what you want to do, put together a list and supplies needed and enjoy checking it off when you're done!
Books!   Ever at a loss for good books to purchase to read with your child? Or want to get a good book for a friend's child and not quite sure where to start? Summer, our early childhood expert, has provided lists of books divided by seasons or simply just her favorite all-time books. You can either print out a PDF of the books and take them with you to Barnes and Noble or order them on Amazon straight from the links on the website! There are some new ones and some classics on the lists. Enjoy!
Is Your Child Care Provider or Center on the Child and Adult Care Food Program?   The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a key indicator of a quality child care program. Providers/Centers that are on the food program provide meals to the children in their care, free of charge to the parents because they are partially reimbursed by the federal government. Therefore, child care facilities that are on the Child Care Food Program are held to certain nutritional standards, are visited by monitors 3 times a year and being regularly education in the value of child nutrit..
Teaching Your Kids About Food Groups!   Interested in teaching your children about food groups? Are they learning about food groups in their child care environment but you need more information for questions asked? This can help you and it can help you talk about it in the children's language!
Recipes for Kids   Are you tired of feeding your children the staple foods you know they will like? Well maybe you can find some new foods that are for children here! Some submitted by child care providers, some by parents and others by child care organizations. If there is a recipe your children love hands-down, you should submit yours to this community of caregivers!
Child Activity and Early Education Blog Reviews   When you are looking for activities to do with your children or checking out your twitter feed or facebook, do you come across a bunch of different blogs that have activities or crafts that look like a ton of fun? But in your search you are also looking for something developmentally appropriate or want to know there is some credibility to the activities or claims made on the websites? This series of reviews is perfect for you! Summer, our ECE expert who has an M.A. Early Childhood Education, ..
Licensed Child Care Graphic   A visual of what a parent can expect from a licensed child care facility
When Seeking Child Care Ask...Suggestions from the Community   Suggestions from our Early Childhood Expert and our child care community made up of parents and providers. Find out what they suggestion you look for while you are seeking the perfect place for your young child.
What in the World Are All of Those Acronyms?   Are you searching for child care and come across all of these acronyms but have a hard time finding out what they mean? Do any of these look familiar? CE, NAFCC, NAEYC, CACFP or QRIS...find out what they are here.
Child Care Aware America for Parents   Child Care Aware of America has a variety of parent specific resources. Some of them are for parents seeking quality child care, some are for parents advocating to strengthen quality child care requirements or address the affordability of child care. Find out more about this website has to offer here.
Use Child Care Resource and Referrals (CCRC)   Do you know what Resource and Referral services are? Do you know how they can help you find quality child care? Find out more here! They have a lot to offer to all parents.

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