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Oct 5

Written by: Samantha Daleiden Marshall, M.A.
10/5/2011 10:53 AM  RssIcon

There has been a lot of chatter on the social networks about parents choosing not to vaccinate their children with a recent article published in Pediatrics stating that 1 in 10 parents “skip doses or delay shots” for their young children. 

The Article Says…

The survey that this report is based on was taken in May of 2010 and 13% of those surveyed (out of 750 parents) stated they were using an “alternative schedule” for immunizations which is what the remaining report is based on.  You can find the specific statistics and more information on Some U.S. Parents Ignoring Vaccination Guidelines, Medline Plus.  Because of these alternative schedules, MedlinePlus, mentions that “one study found that every 1 percent increase in the number of under-immunized children doubled the risk of pertussis (whooping cough).”

Effects on Child Care?

It seems as though this might create some difficulties for child care providers accepting and parents placing their children in child care settings.

States and licensing institutions are in charge of regulating the records of the children vaccinated in the child care settings.  You can get additional information on what your states vaccination requirements at the Center For Disease Control and Prevention here.

Has the reported alternative schedule for vaccinations affected you and your child care?  Share in the comments below!

Resource: Some U.S. Parents Ignoring Vaccination Guidelines, October 3, 2011, MedLinePlus

Some Other Resources Regarding Vaccinations:
School and Childcare Vaccination Surveys, Center for Disease Control
Childhood Immunization, MedlinePlus
National Network for Immunization Information
School Vaccination Requirements, Exemptions & Web links, Center for Disease Control
Immunization Search Results, KidsHealth.org
Opinion Piece: Why more parents are rejecting vaccinations: 4 theories, October 5, 2011,The Week


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